Our Chatroom is always available for the use of all our Members whenever they feel the need for a chat. All you have to do is pop into the room. I am sure you will soon make friends with your fellow Nookers. All our wonderful members have one thing in common, the love they have for their pets, so I am sure you will find plenty to chat about. If you pop a message on the general board that you are going into the room, I am sure other members will soon join you.

We will also be holding regular hosted chats in the room for your enjoyment. The times of these are listed below.

There is a link button below for time zone maps. There is also a link below into the Chatroom, or you can enter via the link over on the right hand side.


The times for hosted chats are as follows:

For latest information and details of the next chat session, please click here

Saturday Evenings their will be a chitchat starting at 9.30pm UK time, which is 3.30pm US Central time.

There will also be a chitchat Saturday Evenings beginning at 1.30am UK time, which is 7.30pm US Central time & 8.30pm US Eastern time.

Wednesday Evenings their will be a chitchat starting at 10.00pm UK time, which is 4.00pm US Central time.

We will also be having a Sunday hosted chat, that hopefully will be able to bring lots of our Worlwide members together, despite the time zone differences. This chitchat will begin at 10.00pm UK time, which is 4.00pm US Central time and 5.00pm US Eastern time.


We  are fortunate that we have been given permission to use some wonderful World Time Zone maps. So if the different world times confuse you, then just click on the button below. You will also find maps showing the different times across the states of America.

I would like to thank Alexander, owner of the map web site, for kindly giving us permission to use his wonderful maps. 

Just click on the grinning puppy below to enter the Chatroom.





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