Chihuahua Puppy Advice


The Puppys First Day Home

Try to bring your puppy home on a weekend, in the morning. This way you will have more time to spend together, before their first night away from their mum and litter mates.

When you bring them  home, let them go to the toilet first before bringing them into the house.

Allow them  to explore the house at their own pace, letting them go where they want to go, other than areas that are banned from Chihuahua use. This allows them to sniff and get a feel for their new home.

Play games with them  so that they see its great fun  to be in your home 

Keep visitors to a minimum for the first few days. Don't plan on going anywhere with them for the first few days. They need to be kept in their new home so that they can get used to it.

Even though they are new, and cute, you must not let them get away with anything. They need to know right from the beginning that certain behaviours, or places are off limits.

Be sure to take them to see your vets within two days just for a check up, and to make sure they are healthy, with no problems.

When your puppy starts to get tired, put them in their crate with a blanket or toy, that you brought with them. One with the smells of their mum and litter mates on it. This way they will probably curl up contentedly and go to sleep. Puppies, like human infants, sleep up to 16-18 hours a day. They are after all still babies and need plenty of sleep.

When it is time for bed, take them out to the bathroom, then calmly put them in their crate. Keep the crate near to you so that they can see you and smell you. Make sure they are warm. If they start whining just reassure them. They'll  soon calm down and go to sleep.

Puppies sleep for long periods of the day, they also need to eat 4 or 5 times a day. They need to relieve themselves at least every two hours. Just like a human baby they will rely on you for everything. Be patient. Never hit your puppy, it only teaches them to be aggressive.


 Points To Remember 

Have a vigorous play session prior to going to bed. 
Allow your Puppy to eliminate completely prior to being put to bed for the night. Lavish them with praise everytime they go where they should. NEVER hit your puppy for any reason. Especially NOT for having an accident.  Do NOT put their nose in it, as punishment. They have NO idea why you are hurting them. It does NOT teach them what they are to do.  They need to be praised each time they  go potty. That is how they learn.  It takes some time, and their WILL be some accidents, but, in the long run, it is definitely worth it. A warm , cloth-covered bottle to snuggle up to, helps calm a puppy. A ticking alarm clock can comfort a new puppy who is now away from their mother and littermates.


Puppy Discipline
Chihuahuas need more than love and attention. They also need consistent discipline. There are plenty of rude toy dogs who were given lots of love and attention, but no discipline.
Discipline means setting simple, fair rules of conduct enforcing them every single time your little one goes against them, showing them again and again the good manners you expect of them. The time to start teaching manners is as a puppy.
You will have a Chihuahua that grows into a rude adult if you do not begin to put down guildelines NOW.
You dont want them to....Sass back when you tell them to do something .... Decide who is welcome in your home, and continue to bark at visitors even after you have let them in ... Growl when you wake them up,  when you try to move them from their favourite chair, or approach their food , or when you touch some forbidden part of their body, such as her ears or tail ...  Runs away from you when you've caught them doing something wrong, leading you on a merry chase around the house or yard ... Pitches a fit when you try to clip their nails or open their mouth ... Snatches treats from your hand as though they haven't  eaten in weeks ... Shrieks when left home alone or when they don't get their own way ...   Ignores the word No, or only obey when they are in the mood.
A Chihuahua who respects you would never pull these bratty stunts. Lack of respect is no laughing matter. Although your Chihuahua will definitely rule your heart, they must never be allowed to rule your household. Remember they depend on you for their health and safety. There will be times when you must give medicines, take something out of their mouth, etc. You must be able to restrain and handle them in any way that you see fit, at any time you see fit. The choice should never be theirs.

How to Train Your Chihuahua Puppy 

Just like children,Chihuahuas all can be punished in a different way. Each of you know what your Chihuahua hates. Does your Chihuahua hate to be locked in a room or be ignored? Well these are some of the ways to stop their lack of respect. Chihuahuas are very sensitive animals and they have a sensitive body structure. So I suggest to not hit your Chihuahua at all. A very good practice to see if the Chihuahua respects you is to hold them and place them on a flat surface. Place them on their side. Most Chihuahuas hate this position, but if they respect you as their  master then they will not struggle to get away. It is a good test on if your Chihuahua is a resident of your household or the master. It also installs in them that you are far stronger and more dominant, and therefore the master of the home. Another method I like to use is holding them up high when they have been real bad, and use a firm NO. Chihuahuas do not like heights, and this is a fear tactic, but also one that shows them you are in charge. After holding them up high, I then put them back to the floor and turn my back on them ignoring them. The message of your displeasure soon gets across to them. As all Chihuahuas love to please, they soon learn. Of course it is also a case of when they get right, whatever it is you are trying to teach them, then they get excessive prasie and strokes. They soon learn to know which they prefer, your pleasure or your annoyance.Your Chihuahua should know who the master is. Chihuahuas that have too many masters are often confused. Also if you want your Chihuahua to know that you are boss you should be the only one to feed them and give them water. They should respond to your voice above all other people in your household. They will still respect others but they will know that you are the  master. 

There is  the common problem of your Chihuahua barking at neighbours or visitors.  That training should start while the Chihuahua is young.  Try to introduce them to as many people as possible. If they stay around the same people all the time they will become a pain in the you know what to all outsiders. Socialisation is the key to this problem.



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