A Chihuahua Lovers Haven created for the use and enjoyment of all true Chihuahua lovers, young and old. Only we understand the little people of the dog world and their many idiosyncrasies, so this is the place to come and get specialist advice. Chihuahua Nook is part of the Barkers Nook worldwide community of animal lovers.

I have kept the breed for over 28 years now and I hope that there is much I can offer you in advice. We have several members who are also experts in the breed, including some of out assistant mangers.

Below you will find link buttons that will take you into the many specialist advice pages. As Chihuahua Breeding Advice is vital there is a separate button, marked General, to take you into the three pages of Breeding Advice. You will find photos and advice on how to make a Puppy Incubator in the Breeding Advice pages.

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Our Chihuahua Garden button is below. Just click on the Chihuahuas in the tub to go and see some of our members beautiful Chihuahuas.


If you click the return button below it will take you back to Barkers Nook. In there you will find many other things to enjoy, including a Pet Competition. There are photo albums where you can keep those favourite Chihuahua photos. There is a wonderful Pet Memorium where you can remember your departed pets. This has Grief Support pages which we hope will be of help to you, as only your fellow pet lovers fully understand the sadness you feel when you lose a pet. There are various things to enjoy including your pets horoscopes. Also in Barkers Nook you will find many lively message boards where you can enjoy chatting, giving advice or receiving advice, and making many new friendships. Of course the Chat Lounge is in Barkers Nook, where you can go to meet and chat with fellow Nookers.


If you want to contact us, then please feel free to click on Lovalee Jazz Girl below, and send an e-mail to the managers.


Chihuahuas are reliable, full of love and true in their affections, predictable in their actions and always grateful and loyal. "Difficult Standards for People to live up to." 

Nothing is stronger or more rewarding, than the unconditional love between a Chihuahua and its "Human Parent." 

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."


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