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 How can I stop my puppy crying at night?

Your puppy is very lonely. He is in a new place without his brothers and sisters. The best thing would be to get a crate and put it in your bedroom. Put a nice blanket in it and let your dog sleep there at night. He will hear you breathing and not be lonely. You and your puppy will bond better if he is with you.

It is a good idea to teach your puppy to be alone, but you can do that during the day for short periods of time and then increase the time he is alone gradually.

If you absolutely have to leave your pup in the kitchen, try turning on a radio or put a ticking clock nearby. Get a towel that has your family's smells on it let him sleep on that. You can also put a chew toy in the crate, if that helps. Good luck!

 My one year old dog barks when friends come over and won't stop until we put him in the backyard. How do we make him stop? 
 Until your dog learns how to stop barking, I would put him in the bedroom or backyard before he starts to bark. Put him there before the visitors come, if you can. Then try this..........

1. It's important that you plan your teaching times. Don't do this when you are expecting visitors.
2. Put your dog's favorite treats in your pocket. Put a leash on your dog and take him to the front door. Tell him to sit, and then give him a treat.
3. Do this two or three times, then stop. Later in the day, try it again. Do this 2 or 3 times a day, so he learns that sitting near the front door gets him food. Do this for a few days until he is consistent.
4. Now, after he is sitting for treats near the front door, ha
ve a friend knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Go with your dog to the front door and have him sit for a treat. Then open the door and let your friend in. Then give your dog another treat. Remember to praise him. Then go out of the room and repeat this with your friend knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell.
5. Once he does this with friends at the door, start doing it when people come over. The most important thing to do now, is to put a leash on him for control. If you know someone is coming over, be ready with the leash. Always have the leash ready, so if you get a surprise visit, you can put the leash on.
6. Try to choose treats he really likes, and you might keep them only for this exercise (don't use at other times) so he will be very motivated to get them. Cody loves spaghetti noodles and will do anything for them!
Don't wait too long to teach your dog to stop barking or he will develop this as a habit and it will be harder to break.


Whenever we go away my dog, digs in the yard, chews at the fence, barks, and just goes  nuts. How do I make him stop?

 You need to give your dog lots of things to do: bones (large), chew toys, large rope toys, etc. Try to change your schedule every day. If the dog knows your routine, he will know when you are getting ready to leave and he will become upset even before you leave. So do things at different times. Take your dog out for a walk or give him some good exercise before you leave. This will be fun for him and use up extra energy.

Another great thing to do is to buy a Kong toy. They come in different sizes. Fill them with a tiny snack. Then plug the hole with a large bone. You can put peanut butter on and around the bone or just inside the hole. Then while your dog is outside trying to get to the treats, you slip out with no big production. No long goodbyes since that just makes him realize that you are leaving. The Kong works great. Your dog will spend long amounts of time bouncing it and trying to get food to come out. It is very entertaining!


The last thing is to leave your dog in an enclosed area (a pen, crate, or smaller fenced area) where he can't destroy things or get away. Leaving a dog with furniture to chew or rugs to tear is asking for trouble. If your dog chews patio furniture in the yard, don't punish him. move the furniture into the garage until he becomes relaxed about staying in the yard and until he was finished teething. This might take months. Remember to find situations for your dog to be successful. Try to be aware of setups that attract bad behavior.


  How To Teach Your Dog To Come When Called.

1. First, your dog should never be off leash until they learn to come.
2. Have treats in your pocket.
3. Teach the command 'come' in a fenced area before going on 'field trips' to the park and other places.
4. Have someone help you with the lessons. One person holds your dog; you go a short distance away and call your dog (on leash at first). Give a treat. Practice 2 or 3 times a day. Start with short leashes and progress to a 30 ft. leash.
5. Never remove the leash until your dog comes every time, without a mistake.
6. Use your dog's name when you call her. Never use your dog's name for punishment or when in anger.
7. Never punish your dog for coming to you even if she has been gone and you have been chasing her. If you are very upset, just hook her up to the leash and don't say anything until you can hug her as praise for coming to you.
8. Remember, it is not the dog's fault if he doesn't come...dogs should NEVER be off leash until they are trained and 100% reliable. Losing a dog is a terrible thing to have happen. Don't give your dog too much responsibility too soon.

Remember that just about anything your dog learns today can be forgotten tomorrow. Practice, Patience, and Pleasure. Always make training a happy occasion for your dog.


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