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Aries pets of both sexes are lively  and energetic by nature. They are sometimes hyperactive and need plenty of vigorous exercise. Aries dogs will enjoy long walks. Even the cats are athletic and need plenty of space to caper and frolic. An Aries pet will always be very strong willed, and need a strong hand.

The most affectionate and cuddly pets imaginable are Taureans. They're also creatures of habit. These animals feel threatened when unavoidable changes in their routine or surroundings occur, give them lots of attention and reassurance at such times. Always feed your pet at the same time each day. Taurus dogs prefer that you follow a regular route during the course of their daily outings. Your Taurus pet simply adores a hearty meal and might be inclined to take more naps than others of its species. For this reason always make sure your pet gets enough exercise (the sign can be a bit lazy!) and at all costs avoid over-feeding it.

The Mercury-ruled Gemini pet has a lot to say: through body language and eye contact; as well as through well-intentioned barks, growls, snarls, meows, hisses and so forth. The dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and even mice of this sign are very verbal. These animals also have insatiable curiosity and keen powers of observation. Because they are high strung and restless they can easily become bored or unmanageable. You would do well to vary your pet's routines. For best results try to teach it a new game or trick every few weeks. The Sign of the Twins is sociable, so always make sure you have a second pet to keep them company.

Moon-ruled pets are wonderful with kids and enjoy the comforts of home. The cats of the sign are rather fearful of leaving the house and, even if you let them out of doors occasionally they won't stray far as this feline is definitely the indoor type. The dogs of the sign are fiercely protective of you, your children, and your friends. They also make excellent guide dogs and house sitters. The Cancer pet craves peace and tranquility and would not fare well in a boisterous or quarrelsome environment. Sudden changes in diet can upset your pet's sensitive stomach.

Loyal, sociable, energetic, playful and extremely affectionate are words that best describe this animal sign. These pets are very gentle with children and are always ready to entertain you and your friends. Because they are born actors, be sure to teach them a few special tricks. The Leo pet has a great need for attention and will dominate your every waking hour if you allow it. While you might do your best to cater to your pet's whims, it must be taught where to draw the line. But never completely ignore your little star; as King of Beasts it has a divine right to be noticed, praised, even worshipped.

Your Virgo pet is very fussy about what it eats. If you feed this little sweetheart something it doesn't like not only will you have to put up with noisy protests but you might get bitten or scratched! These animals occasionally suffer from digestive problems, so be sure to feed them only the purest, and best diet. It will be worth the extra expense. If you treat your Virgo pet well what you will get in return is an unlimited supply of gratitude, attention, adoration and obedience. Like the Gemini pet, this animal is easy to train, but like the Taurus pet it must be encouraged to exercise regularly in order to avoid obesity.

The ideal pet for a large and happy family! This sociable animal will give a warm welcome to anyone who comes into your home, although the dogs of the sign can rarely be counted on to challenge intruders. Do not leave your Libra pet alone for more than an hour or two. Libra symbolizes togetherness and social activities. If this animal is frequently left to its own devices it may get depressed, or develop an eating disorder or other health problems. If your family's schedule includes long periods away from home you would do well to have several other pets to keep your Libra company. This gentle and refined animal will welcome daily grooming, praise and pampering.

Many pets have special talents not presently developed in humans. These include keen eyesight and sense of smell, as well as something that can be placed under the general category of "a sixth sense". In Water Sign pets (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) these psychic gifts are well developed. For example, your Scorpio pet may be able to communicate with you through dreams or mental telepathy. Sensitive to your every thought and feeling this animal is tremendously sympathetic, loyal and protective. While the Scorpion pet may be docile around your pals, it can be ferocious around anyone who threatens you. Like the Taurus pet, Scorpio prefers fixed routines.

Animals born under the sign of the Archer are similar to their Aries relatives in that they are energetic, active and need plenty of exercise. This animal is definitely the outdoor type and, like Gemini, is interested in everything and everyone. Explorers and hunters by nature, the dogs of the sign thoroughly enjoy a field trip, while the cats make excellent mouse, rat and bird catchers. Whether you decide to go on vacation, visit relatives in a neighboring town, or make a long distance move, this adorable creature will be an ideal and trouble-free traveling companion!

This highly intelligent animal sign never makes the same mistake twice, so you can start training your cats and dogs as soon as they are weaned. By the time they are three to four months old they will be fully functional, highly responsible family members! Your Capricorn pet's liking for solitude, coupled with a somewhat reserved disposition, is no indication of the animal's true feelings. In reality, the Goat sign craves kindness, affection and praise, but is held back by shyness and timidity. As with Taurus and Virgo, the two other Earth Signs, your Capricorn pet may be reluctant to exercise, and may become obese if not forced to to do so.

The Aquarius pet is usually far from ordinary or average. Even though many animals born under this sign are a bit wacky or rebellious they rarely have serious behavioral problems unless neglected or abused. Yet this would not make an ideal pet for anyone who lacks a sense of humor or expects predictable behavior in others. While this animal will keep you guessing as to what it will do next, it is affectionate, sociable, forgiving, generous, gentle and highly amusing. The sign needs plenty of exercise and a special low-fat diet, as it has a very sweet tooth, which can create problems later in life.

Adaptable, sensitive, independent, mystical and affectionate are some of the noble qualities that describe the Pisces pet. And, like its Water Sign relatives, Cancer and Scorpio, this animal is a genuine clairvoyant. Avoid awakening this animal from a nap if possible as it can become irritable or restless. The favorite foods of feline pets are lightly boiled, fresh-caught fish and finest quality canned tuna, trout or salmon. The canines of the sign are excellent swimmers and love to go to the beach with their owners. This is another animal sign that is most content in a quiet and peaceful environment. A lazy pet infact.



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