Lovalee Harmony & Lovalee Sonata, aka Sonny!


Over the past 29 years it has been my privilege to be owned by no fewer than 20 Longcoat Chihuahuas. That does not include the many puppies that have left Barkers Nook to go to new happy forever homes. Many of these little people are still regular visitors, and some spend their holidays with us!

I first fell in love with the handsome Benjamin, he became my first ever Chihuahua. He was then followed by the beautiful Lotta Lova, a sweet, happy little girl who had much success in the show ring. It was me who didnt enjoy the show scene and all the travelling involved, Lotta loved it. So I decided to instead devote my time to just enjoying these special little people of the dog world and learning all I could about them. I decided to use my knowledge to help those new owners of the breed, and I enjoy the worldwide contact and being able to give advice when I can!


Benjamin my first Chihuahua & Lotta Lova as a puppy!

I also had Lottas sister Minstrel Lady, who was my first brood bitch. She had some beautiful puppies and amongst these was my tiniest little girl ever, Lovalee Thumbalina. She was under two pounds as an adult, yet healthy and happy, and oh so pretty. She became a doggie celebrity, and appeared on TV in the UK a few times. She lived until 11 years old when I sadly and suddenly lost her!


Lovalee Thumbalina as a puppy!

Well the rest is history, because many puppies were to follow over the years, and always I found it so hard to part with any of them. Indeed in 2002 I had a litter of five, and kept three from the litter. Lovalee Rhythm, Lovalee Minstrel Miss and Lovalee Music Man. Thats them below as puppies. Mannie, on the right, is now the proud father of countless puppies, far to many to remember them all!

Currently I have nine beautiful little people of the dog world, and several of them many Nookers have watched grow from puppies to adults over the years. You can see them all either in my personal album, or K9Man's personal album on site. Many of them past and present you will see everytime you visit our community, as all the sites graphics are Lovalee Chihuahuas. Indeed Lovalee Jazz Girl is everywhere to be seen. You can even see Lovalee Minstrel Lady whizzing around on a skate board as does Lovalee Charlie Brown in the pet competition pages!

Lovalee Jazz Girl!



I wrote an amusing poem about these little people of the dog world, and I know everyone that has a chihuahua will understand every word I am saying in it. If you click on the link below it will take you into the message board on site where it is!


Guess I better finish with a photo of Lovalee Motown Magic as a puppy, as I know many of you would never forgive me if I didnt!



Lovalee Motown Magic! 





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