Owner, Administrator & Manager. From Suffolk, England. I adore my family, especially my six grandchildren and great grandson. I am a homebody and love gardening and the countryside. I was an accountant, but am now retired. On retirement I went to college and did a computer graphics and web design course, thus my love of computing. I am a Parish Councillor for my village, which keeps me pretty busy. I am a member of my local church and a practising Christian. I have been a lifetime animal lover, and for the last 29 years I have kept Longcoat Chihuahuas. I currently own nine, and also have an aviary of tiny finches, plus a pond of koi fish.
Contact e-mail for Lovalee: Lovalee@BarkersNook.com


Manager & Global Moderator. From Vernon, Canada she is happily married to David, and is Mom to three kids. She loves all animals, and owns Missy the Chihuahua who lives with Lovalee. She is a very talented graphics maker, and is a very funny lady.  Contact e-mail for Siggy:


Manager & Global Moderator. Born in the USA she moved to Ontario, Canada 37 years ago. She is married to Harold, and has two adult sons, and four grandchildren. She is owned by several dogs, but she still fosters rescued Chihuahuas. She still works full time and has been in the same job for 28 years. She loves to be on the web sharing time with her many web friends. Contact e-mail for Dawnabee: dawnabee2nooks@gmail.com

Black & Tan!
UK Asst. Manager/Moderator. From Co. Durham England. Happily married to a farmer for 29 years, she has two adult daughters. She works as a Dog Groomer. She is a Show Judge and a Show Secretary, and loves to travel the UK showing her own beautiful dogs, many of which are Champions. She also runs Dog training classes, and has bred gundogs for 28 years. She is also involved in Rescue. She is our community joker, a very funny lady.
Contact e-mail for Blackie: carolgill@hotmail.com

Canadian Asst. Manager/Moderator. From Nova Scotia Canada. She is happily married to David with one son and daughter in law. She is a retired critical care nurse. Her hobbies include reading, sewing, and travelling. She recently lost her beloved dogs through old age. She is still learning on the PC she says. She is a very sweet and caring person. Contact e-mail for Calli:

USA Asst. Manager/Moderator. Born in San Francisco, she moved to Portland, Oregon in 1997. She was a widow for 26 years then met and married Jim, with whom she was very happy, until he recently passed away. She has 3 daughters, five grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. She has raised Chihuahuas for 50 years, first starting with her mother. She has also raised canaries, exotic birds and cats, and once owned a pet shop in the early 1990's. She also likes to crochet & embroider, and play pinocle and cribbage. Contact e-mail for Calgal: catnap13@comcast.net

Lab Bill!
European Asst. Manager/Moderator. Lab Bill lives in Essex, England. He is married with three adult children, two sons and a daughter. He also has five Grandchildren. He is a lifetime Animal Lover and owns a black Labrador and three King Charles Spaniels. He also owns two pure white cats. His hobbies are sports, mainly football, and he is a supporter of Liverpool FC. His other hobby is computing on the web. Contact e-mail for Lab Bill: labbill2@aol.com          


UK Administrator
working on maintaining the Barkers Nook message boards and website. Lives with her husband Pete and weimaraner Cindy, as well as four chickens (though they live outside!).

Contact e-mail for Diana: diana@ad-graphicdesign.co.uk




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