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If you are searching for a new puppy then look no further. All puppies offered to New Owners here at Barkers Nook are KC registered Pedigree Puppies. All Breeders have to abide by the Kennel Clubs, and Barkers Nook's, strict rules and Code of Ethics. All Puppies sold in here will have had a Guaranteed Full Health Check, and be Fully Vaccinated. All new owners will be given a proper Written Guarantee by the Puppies Breeders!


By clicking on the button below you will be able to read the various Breeders CV's and see what Litters they currently have available, or when they expect to have Puppies available. You will also be able to contact the Breeders to ask for more information on  a specific breed!


All prospective New Owners will naturally be vetted by the Breeders. They will be asked to give their reasons for wanting a Puppy. They will need to satisfy the Breeders that they know sufficient about the breed of puppy they are wanting. They will also have to satisfy the breeders that their home is suitable for any puppy they may buy!

If you are a member of Barkers Nook, and a particular breed of puppy you want is not currently available, you can leave your details and an e-mail contact address by clicking on the button below. This will enable Breeders to make direct contact with you if a Puppy becomes available. Also a Breeder can place you on their waiting list for a puppy, if they feel you would make a good prospective New Puppy Owner!



On the link below you can go and read about the many breeds that are available! Before you come to a decision on which puppy would be best for you and your family, please take the time to read this!

Remember a dog is for life, both theirs and yours!

Dogs are reliable, full of love and true in their affections, predictable in their actions, and always grateful and loyal. "Difficult Standards for People to live up to."

Nothing is stronger or more rewarding, than the unconditional love between a dog and its " human parent." 


Do you have a KC registered litter of Healthy Pedigree Puppies that you would like to advertise for Sale? Are you willing to abide by the Kennel Clubs, and Barkers Nook's, strict rules and code of ethics? Then please click on the button below, where you will be able to put your Litter in the Barkers Nook Puppy Nursery. They will be able to stay in the Nursery until you find the right prospective New Owners for your Very Special Puppies!




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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."



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