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Do you have a top quality KC registered Stud Dog to offer as a Sire? Or are you looking for that special Stud Boy for your Very Special Girl?

Here in Barkers Nook we encourage a very responsible approach to Dog Breeding. We expect All Breeders to abide by the Kennel Clubs, and Barkers Nook's, strict rules and Code of Ethics. Our intention is to ensure that the end result of all successful matings are Healthy Happy Puppies!


All owners of Stud Dogs are scrtuinied by us, as are the Stud Boys they offer! We insist on detailed and proven information being given about their KC Registered Stud Dogs! They must Guarantee the Good Health of their Stud Dogs! Also all Stud Dogs must be Fully Vaccinated! We also insist that the owners of all Dams are given a proper written Stud Agreement! This ensures a Free Re-Mating if the first is not successful!

We trust that the owners of the Dams, will only use Fully Vaccinated, and Healthy Little Girls for breeding! That are of a good type for their breed, with no Genetic faults! We ask that they offer this information to the owners of all Sires!

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If you wish to add your Stud Dogs, and are willing to abide by the Kennel Clubs, and Barkers Nook's strict rules and Code of Ethics, then please click on the buttons below. These will take you to a page that will explain how to submit your Stud Dogs. It will also explain how to make payment of our yearly fee. Barkers Nook members will pay a reduced amount. There is a UK button, a USA button and a button for All Other Countries! So please make sure you click the correct button!






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Dogs are reliable, full of love and true in their affections, predictable in their actions, and always grateful and loyal. "Difficult Standards for People to live up to."






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